Charity update 3 – UNICEF / Soccer Aid


Update: For those who have bought the course last month, 10% of the course fee has been given to .

Great game today with . Last months donation will go to Thank you to everyone who has taken the course with us.





At least 10% of the course fee will go to charity.

You pay nothing extra!

All you pay is the one-off course fee and we will donate at least 10% of this to charity on your behalf.

Selection of the charity

We aim to improve lives all over the world no matter what cause.

We will donate to different charities every month so we can help as many as we can. We hope to target the charities promoting education; this does not mean we will donate to this cause only.

Feel free to make a recommendation and we will make every effort to help the chosen charity.

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; show him how to catch fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

You don’t need to do the course to donate and make a difference; you can visit and select a charity of your choice.

We will keep you updated on which charity we have chosen on our social network feeds.



What’s your grammar score?



Our recent launch of the Free Grammar Challenge has meant we have received an influx of positive feedback! People from all over the world have participated in taking this challenge to see how good their grammar skills are with surprising results!

From teachers to students, to colleagues in the workplace, this grammar challenge has encouraged the competitive streak within people. People have been sharing their scores on social media and challenging their friends to have a go to see who is better at grammar.

Why not share your score below and discuss what questions you found tricky (if any!) and find out if anyone got full marks?

Grammar Bytes 4 – Apostrophes – In time expressions


clock face

Apostrophes are used in time expressions; also known as temporal expressions.


In a temporal expression an apostrophe is positioned before the ‘s’ for a singular unit of time and after the ‘s’ for more than one.


E.g. I never did a day’s work in my life.

That is the equivalent of one year’s pay.


Please note it’s not always about time! Most of the expressions are time related but some relate to value and distance.


E.g. 5 euros’ worth of onions and 1 euro’s worth of potatoes.


One good tip to remember – Only use an apostrophe in an expression where the word ‘of’ might have been used. E.g. six months’ insurance.